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Obituary for Elizabeth Mendez

Elizabeth Mendez,
48 years young, formerly from Millis Ma where she lived and raised her children for over fifteen years. She was Catholic. “Lisa” and her family always attended church on Easter Sunday. It was a great holiday for bringing the family together. “Kika” loved music. Kika’s favorites to listen to were Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Elizabeth was there for anyone who needed it. That was her superpower. This is what made her great. Not only was she there for you as a friend, but her motherly feel was also like no other. Lisa will be missed greatly by her family; some things in life cannot be fixed no matter what, but Kika would try with whatever she could. After having her firstborn, my mother had to work against the odds; she always prevailed no matter what the circumstances. Receiving her diploma, going on to be a certified nurse, Lisa was a super mom.
Lisa enjoyed being around her kids, having a good time, and loved to laugh. One thing we will always remember about Elizabeth is her laugh. It Brightened up the room; made your day better. Elizabeth’s laugh was a blessing from the heavens. What gave Lisa the most enjoyment in life were her kids. She loved them all: Antonio Brandao, her oldest born, followed by Jonathan Baptista, the middle child for many years, then Dante Curry, her last-born son, followed by her beautiful daughter Lourdes Mendez-Singh; the girl she always wanted. Lisa was passionate in her belief that family is all you got. Having to stick together no matter what happens; My mother was a tuff cookie.
That was also what Lisa was most proud of, being a hard, independent woman that never gave up. There is only one way to describe Kika, which is spectacular.
Not only did she work hard for herself, but she also inspired others around her to be the best they can be, not to worry about the small stuff in life. They say God calls his angels early, but this one left too soon. The pain we feel from losing my mom is intolerable. Elizabeth will be missed forever. My mom always made sure we had everything we needed and made do with what we had. Never did she teach us how to do wrong, only great. They do not make women like her anymore. I love you Kika, may you stay in our hearts forever.